ABT Gibbons Centre Case, Without Snib (UPVC Doors) - Double Spindle

Product Information
This ABT Gibbons centre case formed part of a 1 piece lock which is no longer available. It is also known as the Zenith Staybrite or St Helens glass door lock and was available with concealed shootbolts or as part of a 3 point locking mechanism. Neither are manufactured any more but the gearbox is normally the part that fails. This part has no snib or faceplate and was commonly used on UPVC doors.

  • Overall length - 220mm

  • Lever/Lever
  • Push in latch, undo screw in side of lock case (adjacent to the latch) to remove the latch. Reverse, reinsert and replace screw.

  • Not supplied with strike plate or fixings
  • Lockcases used predominantly on UPVC doors
  • Brackets are threaded
  • This ABT case formed part of a 1 piece lock which is no longer available
  • Top and bottom deadbolts no longer manufactured
  • Aluminium version with snib also available

  • Loose

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    • Price:£50.94 
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    • Model: 2019002
    • Manufacturer:ABT
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