ABS BS 3* Euro Key & Turn Cylinder

Product Information

ABS BS 3* Euro Key & Turn Cylinder

Key features:

  • Supplied with 3 keys.
  • Available keyed alike.
  • Anti pick, anti bump, anti pull and anti drill.
  • Anti snap to TS007.
  • This ABS British standard (30/30 are not BS) euro key & thumb turn cylinder.
  • ABS key & thumb turn cylinders are security key and thumb turn cylinders.
  • Designed to prevent burglaries.
  • 2nd side is the snap side. 

  • See chart below for various sizes.

  • On a lever/lever operation this means you could be locked out if a member of your household has locked the door from the inside and not returned the thumb turn to the correct position.

  • On a lever/pad operation this means you could lock yourself out of your home if you do not return the thumb to the correct position on opening and the door closes behind you.
  • The thumb turn cylinder must be pushed in to turn and must be released back to its original out position after every operation: this is so that the lock is always in the correct position to prevent external attack.

  • If the thumb turn is left in the midway position when (ie :the spring mechanism has not released) you will encounter a problem whereby a key cannot be inserted fully from the outside.*****

  • Snap Secure Technology - Cam locks against the internal locked side of the cylinder making the cylinder impervious to manual attack after snapping.
  • British Standard Kitemark logo stamped.
  • Police preferred Secured by Design accreditation.
  • Supplied with 3 keys
  • Available in keyed alike, singles & double profile formats.
  • 2nd side is the snap side

  • Supplied boxed.

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